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Who Should Join?

Anyone that doesn't have the time to join a gym, the money to get a Personal Trainer and that is willing to make small changes on a daily basis. This is a perfect program for those who have desk jobs or who don't exercise regularly. 

Are there any hidden fees?

No Hidden Fees. You pay for a subscription through PayPal. Your cell provider may charge for text messages, you need to check. It's usually only about .15  - .20 each unless you have a text messaging plan that already covers these costs at a cheaper rate, but check if you're not sure. 

Some of the exercises hurt, what should I do?

First of all, make sure you're doing them right by following any video link we sent you. If it still hurts, don't do them. We insist that this be for fitness and not to hurt yourself. If you have a problem, contact us by clicking here. 

Can I do it every other day?

In the beginning you can. We recommend you do it everyday, and do it so it's comfortable for you..but not super easy. You'll notice week after week, you'll be stronger and able to do more. But if you need a day off or do it every other day, by all means, do so. But doing it is important...you're accountable for your results. 

Some days I get 3 text messages, some days I get only 1...why is that?

We send out these messages to the entire text2fit.com subscription group. We're not trying to kill everyone. We're reminding you each day to do something positive toward your goals. One day will be a little challenging than another. It's a great way to learn that mixing it up is one of the best things you can do...so mix it up. You never want your body to be too used to doing things...muscle and food confusion to your body is a good thing. It creates change. Doing it over and over again the same way will just let your body get used to it, and not progress. 

Are you nutritionists or dieticians?

No, we are not. We do and will consult with nutritionists from time to time though. We don't set up diet plans for you. We give you basic information. Most information can be found in various places and by various people...you even know most of the basics, but by getting daily texts, you're reminded of it, and it triggers you to actually do it...its a great concept. 

Can someone do this with me?

Sure. The more the merrier. They should get their own account for only $9.95 a month though. Texts go out during the day...could be at any time, so keep that in mind. Some things may be done at your desk, during your lunch or on a quick break...so if they're not around...you don't want to miss out. But if they're with you? By all means...do it! 

Is this safe for everyone?

Anytime you start an exercise or weight loss program, you should make sure you're in proper health. Most places put it in small type somewhere. We put it all over the place because fitness and weight loss is about being healthy...

So, the answer is, if you have joint, heart, high blood pressure, or any other problems, you should contact your doctor before starting, and let him give you a list of things you should avoid and then you should avoid those things. Don't ever be your own doctor. So it works both ways. Don't NOT do something because you've diagnosed yourself...leave that to the professionals and seek their advice. 

You accept joining and participating in this program, as well as performing exercise and diet tips at your own risk and you understand there are inherent risks. We make no guarantees about results or to risk factors involved in exercise of any kind. We can not be held accountable for any injuries involved during your participation as all exercises are not suited for every person. We advise you use common sense when performing any exercise, workout or diet plan, with Text2fit.com or any other program with any other company.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Send an Email by Clicking here and we will stop receiving text messages within 24 hour, and your credit card will not be charge for any following months.





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