Text Message Weight Loss Solution. Lose Weight with a Text Message, Get Fit, Be Healthy!




How Does
Text2Fit Work?


Most Importantly


It's simple
It's direct
It's cost effective



It's Simple and Secure To Sign Up and To Use.
That's what makes it work. Perfect for Losing Weight and Getting Fit!


  • You Sign up Here

  • At the end of the PayPal subscription check out process (its fast and secure)
    Click on Return to Fitness Shadow and Send Text to Number Provided.

  • You'll receive a text in seconds saying you're subscribed

  • Text Message Rates May Apply with your cell provider.


  • Texts will begin coming to your phone up to 3x a day.

  • The text will tell you briefly, what to do. Possibly an exercise that you can do all at once, or throughout the day...or maybe a food choice or option, or some good ole motivation.

  • Exercises will be accompanied by a link to show you how to do the exercise properly. Smartphone users can watch them on their phone, others will have to copy the link to their browser to see them.

  • You complete each one. They are simple. But they are effective!

  • Do the best you can in the beginning without killing yourself. The longer you do this, the better you'll get, and it will take literally minutes each day. Some things you won't even notice you've spent time doing them.

  • You start to incorporate these into your life as you're reminded each day to do certain things.

  • Some days, you'll repeat other days exercises or food choices.

  • Simple gradual changes create new habits!

  • As the exercises, or tasks get easier, increase them but doing them 2 times, then 3 times when it's getting even easier.

  • You're on your way to losing weight, and getting fit.

To unsubscribe from the service and from the PayPal Subscription

  • You'll send a text to the service with "Unsubscribe Text2Fit" in the body.

  • Then....Go to PayPal. Sign in to your account and cancel your subscription.

  • Or just Click here and Email us and we'll Unsubscribe you within 24hrs.

It's all very easy, it's fun to do, and it works. This is created by personal trainers who know the power of simple changes, and how people respond to instant information giving them those oh so needed prompts and triggers. You get the motivation, and the experience.

What could be better.


Sample Text Messages
Over time you'll receive similar text messages. Why? Because you should repeat certain exercise regularly. But we'll add variety and certain ways to do things. Here's a sample.

"After work, do 20 minutes of cardio. A walk, a jog, a WOG (walk/jog). Do it before dinner."

"Do 20 Pushups. Do them all at once, in 2 - 3 Sets, or throughout the day...but do them."

"Eat Something you normally wouldn't today. Something Healthy...could be meat, vegetable or a fruit."

These texts, coming everyday will help you add new things to your daily routine, and help create healthy, consistent changes, thus, helping you lose weight and get in shape.




**Only Available in the United States**
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